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See You Next Tuesday
with Cantrip

Season 1

S1:E5 – This week Cantrip calls very special guest, Kevin "The Cat in the Hat" Dunwoody, to take the stand. Kevin is the artistic director of the now world famous New World Festival and has been a long time personal and professional friend of each of the lads in their turn.  Winter, mud season, folk festivals, high-suspension pick-up trucks and hauntings of the house on the hill are all subjects that may have been discussed.

S1:E3 – The musical tripod searches for mythical, mystical meaning in Matteo Garrone's film Tale of Tales: an addaption of three Italian folk tales collected in the late sixteenth century by Giambattista Basile.  Though they set out with every intention of sticking to the prescribed topic they eventually and inevitably veer off into a variety of subjects some of which may even be fit for the human consumption.

S1:E3 – The lads welcome special guest Reuben Taylor; musician, sound engineer, whisky connoisseur and good mate.  Conversation centres around music, sound engineering, whisky and mating.

S1:E2 – The fun continues with a discussion of Jon's recent acquisition of Mule Variations, by Tom Waits, on vinyl. A brief period of blowing smoke up his [Tom's] arse ensues before the lads divert, tangentially into deeper philosophical contemplation.

S1:E1 — The Pilots of Penzance. An introduction to Cantrip's unique manner of communication and storytelling. Experience Jon, Eric. Dan, and special guest Willa Bews, in conversation as you may never have before and may never wish to experience again.

Good luck!   Bonne Chance!    Buidhe Leibh!

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