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Performed by If You Must Know (Rachel Clemente & Dan Houghton)

Filmed and Produced by Paul Bronislaw Kmiec and Jeff Hoyt, 2021

The Potential Well, D. Houghton

An Oidhche a Bha na Gobhar AgainnThe Night We Had the Goats, Trad.

Dr. Alasdair Mackenzie, A. Macdonald

Featured Video

"Chewing gum for the eyes"  Fr. T. Crilly

Full Music Video Collection

The Full Music Video Collection

Mad Tam of Bedlam, Trad

La Danse des CondamnésThe Dance of the Condemned, D. Houghton

Burning of the Piper's Hut, Trad.

Sally Brown, Trad.

Jim Tweedie's Sea Legs, J.A. Macgee

Dark Eyed Molly, A. Fisher

Findlay MacRae, P. Cunningham

Blackbird, J. Goodenough

An Londubh, The Blackbird, Trad.

Live Videos

Here are some random live vids, just for a laugh

E. J. Jones and I decided to play a joint session at one of the evening concerts at The Pipers' Gathering in Killington, 2010

Jock Mackenzie's Fancy, J. Barrie

The High Drive, G. Duncan

Good Drying, R. S. Macdonald

Pressed for Time, G. Duncan

This from a double bill of Cantrip and The Press Gang at 1 Longfellow in Portland, Maine, September 2016.

Zito the Bubbleman , G. Duncan

Opinions I, R. Campbell

Mary Kelly's, T. Peoples

Smallpipes (Iain Macharg), Uillean Pipes (Anthony Santoro) and Borderpipes (myself) from the evening concert at The Pipers' Gathering in Burlington, 2012.

The Highlanders' Farewell to Eirinn a.k.a. Highland Harry, Trad.

The Silver Spear, Trad.

Cantrip on Stage in Belfountain, Ontario, September 2018

The Lambing Storm,  D. Gordon

The Splendid Isolation, B. Macglinchy

The Skye Barbecue, A. Fraser

Dolina Mackay, J. Scott

Rachel Clementé and I put this set together for The Quarantine Sessions, organised by Next Stage Arts in Putney, Vermont, March 2020

An Oidhche a' Bha na Gobhair AgainnThe Night We Had the Goats, Trad.

An absolutely cracking Cantrip gig at Caffe Lena, with Ali White sitting in for Jon Bews; Saratoga Springs, New York, September 2021

Duncan Johnstone, D. Macleod

The Rapho, Trad.

Caisteal Úi CheilleighCastle Kelly, Trad.

A' Mhaidhean GlicThe Wise Maid, Trad.

Also check out See You Next Tuesday with Cantrip...

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