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Bagpiper, Flautist, Guitarist, Musician

Lord of Misrule & The Abbot of Unreason

Tristan Henderson

"A top-shelf musician. Dan has an intuitive feel for the music and impeccable chops. Highly recommended!"                                               
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Dan Houghton is a gifted Scottish, traditional musician who plays highland bagpipes, smallpipes and borderpipes, flute, guitar and cittern – though not all at the same time; he is  also a singer of some note. Being the progeny of two Scottish dance teachers, both of whom were also folkies, he began his musical training several months before learning to breath air on his own. Since those far off and halcyon times he has come to have a profound impact on audiences throughout Britain, The Continent, North America and, even, The Antipodes as a solo bagpiper, a dance piper and a generally virtuosic, as well as versatile folk musician.

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Featured Video

Performed by If You Must Know (Rachel Clemente & Dan Houghton)

Filmed and Produced by Paul Bronislaw Kmiec and Jeff Hoyt, 2021

The Potential Well, D. Houghton

An Oidhche a Bha na Gobhar AgainnThe Night We Had the Goats, Trad.

Dr. Alasdair Mackenzie, A. Macdonald

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