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New album, “Borderpipe Personality Disorder”, is out

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

It's not just the voices in your head, people, though they may be saying it too; Borderpipe Personality Disorder, the album, is out and is on the rampage

It's true folks DSM VII has officially recognised Borderpipe Personality Disorder as a bona fide psychological condition. In spite of the quarantine and social distancing it has been released into the general population. WARNING: It is 70% more contageous than Covid-19; it is ten times denser than the sun; it is five times hotter than a two peckered billy goat and there may be no cure for it if you have previously been exposed to tunes and songs and that type of thing. You can seek an consultation and/or treatment on this website or at whereat you will find other goodies as well.

Besides the expected and requisite dose of me, other active ingredients include:

Dan Frank - Electric Bass

Rachel Clemente – Lever Harp

Emerald Rae – Fiddle

Tristan Henderson – Jaw Harp

Iain Mac Harg – Scottish Smallpipes


1. Drink Debauchery and €200 – D. Houghton/Teigeis agus Dealg Innte, The Haggis – trad./Unknown – trad./Willie Murray’s – trad./The Fourth Floor – G. Duncan

2. Alba Bheadarachd, Beloved Scotland – trad./The Battle of Sheriffmuir – R. Burns/Théid Mi Dhachaigh Chrò Chinn t-Sàile, I will return to Kintail – trad.

3. Bràighe Bhanbha, The Braes of Banff – trad. /Ho! ‘Se Mo Rùn An t-Oighfhear, My love is a young man – trad./Maggie Cameron – trad./Am Monadh Mosg, Monymusk – D. Dow.

4. Boc Liath nan Gobhar is e ag Iarraidh Mnà, The Grey Buck Goat – trad./Leutenant MacGuire – trad./Freya’s Diplomacy – D. Houghton/The Old Woman’s Dance – D. MacLeod

5. The Blackbird – J. Goodenough/An Londubh – trad.

6. Fuam Nan Tonn Ri Chaisteil Dùn t-Sròin, The sound of the waves against Duntroon Castle – trad./Calum Campbell’s Caprice – J. Wilson/Colonel Macleod –trad./Duntroon Castle – trad.

7. Dark Eyed Molly – A. Fisher/Findlay MacRae – P. Cunningham

8. Cail Johnstone – D. Houghton

9. Fear nan Casan Caola, The Rejected Suitor – trad./Jenny’s Pickin’ Cockles – trad./The Swallow’s Tail – trad.

10. Mad Tam of Bedlam – trad./La Danse des Condamnés, The Dance of the Condemned – D. Houghton/Burning of the Piper’s Hut – trad.

11. Uaimh an Òir, The Cave of Gold – trad.

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